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American Leather Protection Options Based on Your Lifestyle


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Apr 22, 2022


Finding a high-quality, long-lasting piece of leather furniture can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. Thankfully, with the help of Decorum, you can find the perfect choice that suits your lifestyle needs. Decorum offers a range of American Leather products that are customizable to your lifestyle. 

American Leather Options for Modern Living Room Chairs and More

Leather is one of the strongest and most durable materials on the market. It is also one of the most popular cover choices for sectionals, sofas, recliners, and more. American Leather is a top-selling brand of leather furniture with a number of options available. These options between different textures, finishes, and protection levels are ideal when choosing a leather furniture piece for your lifestyle. 


There are three main types of textures available for leather—natural grained leather, corrected (or pebbled), and semi-corrected (or smooth). A pebbled texture is added to the leather fabric by the manufacturer. By pressing the leather, a simulated grain texture is created. This texture helps hide imperfections such as scratches or tears. By contrast, smooth leather is not textured. Instead, the texture remains smooth and indent-free. This makes for a cleaner more polished look, but bumps, scratches, and tears are more visible. 


In addition to texture, leather can come in a variety of finishes. The main dyeing processes create full-aniline and semi-aniline results. Full-aniline leather typically has more of a “natural” look to it. The texture of the original hide is not smoothed down prior to the dyeing process. This means that imperfections in the leather are more apparent. In addition, because the hide doesn’t go through a significant amount of pre-treatment it does not take on the dye evenly. This can leave you with dark and light patches where the hide did not fully absorb the dye. 

In contrast, semi-aniline leather is much smoother and has been pre-treated to absorb dye evenly. Full-aniline is more sought after because of its rustic appearance and high quality; however, it also requires more care because there is not a protective coating. This means that it can become stained, marked, or worn down more easily than semi-aniline leather; and it has to be conditioned regularly to ensure it doesn’t dry out. 

Protection Levels of American Leather

Finally, we have the protection level of the leather. There are three protection levels to choose from—light protection, medium protection, and high protection. 

Light protection is the most supple and natural option. Light protection is the full-aniline option for your leather. This option needs more care than the others, but it makes up for it with a unique appearance. In addition, this protection option allows for a soft patina to develop over time, making it comfortable and beautiful. 

Medium protection is a semi-aniline option that covers the leather in a light coat of protection. If you are looking for an option that is a little more durable—while still being supple—this is the choice for you. 

Finally, there is heavy protection. This option is designed for families with children and pets. With a barrier of protection that protects against spills, stains, and fading this option is designed to take on all that life throws at you. 


American Leather Available at Decorum

Decorum, a furniture store in Norfolk, works hard to curate a number of brands and furniture pieces that bring a modern style to your home. We carry a range of American Leather products including sofas, chairs, and recliners.

Modern Sectional Sofas

Decorum carries a number of leather sectionals. This includes the Inspiration Sectional which is ideal for anyone looking to add a clean, sophisticated look to their living space. The Kaden Sectional offers a classic and comfortable place to relax after a long day. And the Skylar Sectional offers a tufted and modern pop of color for your living space.

Modern Living Room Chairs

In addition to sectionals and sofas, Decorum carries modern leather chairs such as the Carmet Swivel Chair and the Harvey Armchair. The Carmet Swivel Chair is the perfect accent chair your modern space has been looking for. It offers optional tufting and comes in a range of colors. Similarly, the Harvey Armchair is an exquisite combination of contemporary and retro. 

Living Room Recliner Chairs

And who can forget a classic leather recliner? Decorum has a number of American Leather recliners that would be an amazing addition to your home. Two of our favorites are the Elliot Recliner and the Aston Recliner. The designs are clean, sophisticated, and modern, but the comfort level is unbeatable. The footrest and headrest move independently, meaning you can find your ideal position at the press of a button. Plus, these leather recliners are designed to last decades. 

Decorum—A Furniture Store in Virginia Beach 

Whether you are looking for a leather chair, leather sofa, leather sectional, or recliner, Decorum has the inventory to meet your needs. Our design consultants work with you to craft the ideal leather furniture option that suits your lifestyle and needs. Choose from a number of colors, textures, finishes, and protection levels, to find an option that works for you.

Visit our store to discover the American Leather furniture option for your lifestyle!

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