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Choosing Your Color Scheme: Tips and Ideas


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Mar 06, 2023


In the furniture and design industry, this is a question we get asked all the time. Let’s explore a few ideas that may help you in the process. It really should start with a conversation about what colors you like and what colors make you comfortable. A good starting point is reviewing what your favorite colors are. Most of us have several “go-to” colors and they can become the basis for your color scheme or become your punch color.

Let’s start on the project!

Creating a Color Board:

I am a fan of the old fashion “cut and paste” process for creating my color board. I find that this gives you a better representation of colors, textures, and light reflections.

I start with collecting samples from the paint store and fabric samples and lay them out on a table or a poster board. Play around with the samples and decide what pleases you. It is ok to start with lots of samples and spread them out in front of you. Take a step back, take a good look, and start removing color samples you don’t like. Put them aside in a container in case you want to take a second look.

Pin the samples onto the board for easy viewing. Your color board should include paint samples, fabric samples, wood, tile, and stone finishes. Photographs of finishes may be easier to handle.

decorative artwork for a perfect color scheme

The most important part of selecting a color scheme is to make sure this feels right to you. A Neutral color scheme may be right for you, but it will give you ample opportunity to add a punch color in home accents like pillows, and artwork of decorative area rugs.

You can also add color by painting one wall in your favorite color. It is important to repeat the accent wall color you selected. If you painted a blue accent wall, then find a lamp in blue, add pillows to the sofa in blue, and repeat it in a vase, a sculpture, or Objet d’art. Often I find that the client already owns many of these items, and just needs a guiding hand in curating their belongings.

Blue chair with an Abstract Art Background

The process should be fun and enjoyable. Seek out the help of a professional to assist you. This can help you avoid costly mistakes. At Decorum Furniture our staff is trained to guide you through the process and help you choose wisely. Contact us now!

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