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How To Choose The Best Material For Contemporary Living Room Furniture?


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Jul 20, 2022


Modern living room furniture that lasts can be hard to find. At Decorum, we have seen people come in looking for new furniture after purchasing something new only 3 years ago! Furniture today just isn’t made like it used to be, but at Decorum we think your furniture should be a long-lasting staple in your life. So, your lifestyle should be the number one factor you consider when choosing the material for your living room furniture. With this guide, you should be able to discover the best material for your living room furniture.

Choosing the Best Material for Your Lifestyle

When it comes to choosing living room furniture, the material that you choose matters. Your living room is likely to busiest room in your home, so you will want a material that lasts a long time and still looks stylish. Your lifestyle will determine the best material for your modern living room chairs, sofas, and furniture. So, here are a few things to consider.

How much wear and tear will it receive?

Where in your home is the modern living room furniture going to be placed? Will it be in your main living room? Used on a daily basis? How will it be used? Will you eat on it? Will kids use it? Do you have pets that will get on it? All of these questions determine the durability level you need for your furniture. If you have kids and pets, a durable sofa is an absolute necessity. If it is only you and a partner, then durability may not be the biggest priority. 

How easy is it to clean?

In combination with durability is the difficulty level of cleaning your sofa. Will food be spilled on the couch? Could a glass of wine fall onto it? Will your pet track mud/dirt onto it? Will your kids draw on it? Each of these instances requires you to be able to clean your sofa. If your household can get a bit messy, then a fabric that can be cleaned/wiped down may be necessary.

What color suits your home/lifestyle?

The color of your modern living room furniture also makes a big impact on your ability to clean and maintain its appearance. Will your furniture be placed in the sun? Select a fabric and color that doesn’t fade over time. Worried about spills and stains? Choose a fabric and color that makes it difficult to spot them.

Material Options

There are many different types of material options available for your contemporary living room furniture. All of them fall into three main categories: natural, synthetic, and luxurious fabrics

  • Natural Fabrics: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool
  • Synthetic Fabrics: Nylon, Vinyl, Acrylic, Polyester
  • Luxurious Fabrics/Materials: Velvet, Leather

Each of these fabrics has benefits and disadvantages. Which fabric or material is right for you, depends on your lifestyle, the color you want, and how long you want it to last. 

What is the Best Material for Contemporary Living Room Furniture?

One of the best materials for contemporary living room furniture is (in our humble opinion) leather. Leather furniture is long-lasting, durable, versatile, comfortable, and stylish. Unlike other furniture pieces, leather furniture is notorious for how long it can last. (Think about it, how old is your dad’s leather living room recliner chair?) In addition, leather is easy to clean and repair. With a quick wipe of a cloth, you can clean up any spills and accidents. Similarly, leather is meant to be versatile and comfortable and is a popular fabric for purses, shoes, jackets, and more. Plus, a comfortable and stylish leather modern living room chair can’t be beaten. The versatility and comfort of leather make it ideal for families and individuals alike. 

Modern Leather Furniture Available at Decorum

Are you looking for high-quality, long-lasting leather furniture? Look no further than Decorum! We are one of the largest outlets for leather furniture in the Hampton Roads area. So, whether you need a recliner, a sofa, or a modern sectional sofa—Decorum has you covered. 

Visit our three-level showroom in Norfolk to see all the fabric and leather furniture options available!

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