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How To Make The Right Style Statement With Your Rug?


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Aug 27, 2022


Your home style is unique to you. The textures, colors, designs, and choices you make will help you achieve the emotional impact you want from your home. When it comes to achieving your desired style, a rug can help you effortlessly make the statement. At Decorum, we have helped numerous individuals achieve their style goals with various furniture pieces, decor, color schemes, and rugs.

Making a Style Statement

Have you ever been flipping through a magazine and thought to yourself, wow, these rooms are effortlessly beautiful? That’s because a lot of effort went into achieving that look. When creating a room or design choice, the various elements of the room all need to come together in a way that complements or contrasts the space to create balance. Rugs are an impactful way to change or maintain the style choices of your room with minimal effort. They can help to define an area, make a bold statement, create a focal point, develop a color scheme, balance texture, and round out a room’s current style. 

Define the Area

A rug can help to define the space and create separation between areas. When living in a studio apartment or a small area, this can be incredibly helpful. Separate the space with a different rug for each area—one for the living room, one for the dining area, an office, and even your full size sleeper sofa. Rugs help define the different areas of the room without blocking the flow and interrupting the eye line. Similarly, the rug should be able to contain all the furniture within the space you are defining—whether that be side tables, a small sectional sleeper sofa, a recliner, or more. 

Go Bold

When you want to add some much-needed life and intrigue to a space, you can achieve this with a simple rug swap-out. Instead of completely re-decorating, you can switch the rug in a space to make an impact. The boldness of the rug can take many different forms, such as a striking pattern, color, texture, or shape. Have a pretty neutral color palette in your living room? Add a rich, deep, oriental rug to offset the natural tones and bring life to a space.

Create a Focal Point

Our eyes are immediately drawn to compelling colors, textures, and patterns. If you are wanting to bring the eye to a specific section of your room, place a rug there to create a focal point. You can create a focal point by introducing contrast to the area or developing a harmonious relationship between the rug and the rest of the contemporary living room furniture. For example, you can add a rug that is the same color as your wall to balance them out and establish a focal point.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

Color significantly impacts the vibe of your home and the style statement you make. You can typically do this one of two ways—choose a color scheme based on the rug your choose, or choose a rug that compliments your existing contemporary living room furniture. Similarly, if you choose a bold color that is not part of your color scheme, that can impact the overall feel of the room as well. For example, a room that is all neutral tones with a neutral-toned rug will evoke different emotions than a neutral-toned room with a bold, statement rug. Choose which emotions you want to create with the color scheme you choose.  

Add or Remove Texture

The texture is another element of your style choice that influences the rug you choose to use. Various conflicting textures can overwhelm a room and make it appear crowded and cluttered. The texture is all about balance. When you want to soften the appearance of a room, choose a rug that is soft, fluffy, or flat. Similarly, when you want to add intrigue or a room that looks too soft, you can choose a rug that offers intricate textures and tones. 

Match or Contrast the Room’s Style

As we mentioned before, the style of the rug will depend on the emotions and overall style you want for your room. If you want to create a harmonious design that effortlessly fits into your current aesthetic, then choose a rug that compliments your current design in color, texture, and pattern. In contrast, if you want to add more fun, visual creativity, or emphasize a specific area, choose a rug that contrasts your current style choices.

Style with Rugs from Surya and Dalyn

As you can see, choosing the right rug for your room can drastically change the overall style of your space. But no matter what type of rug you choose, it should be a high-quality rug that will last a long time. Surya and Dalyn are two of the best rug companies currently on the market. Their rugs incorporate bold patterns and colors, intriguing textures and designs, and the highest quality materials available. 

Looking to evoke that cozy, mountain vibe in your home? A rug from Dalyn’s Montana or Phoenix collections will do the trick. Want to bring the natural fibers of the outdoors into your boho home? A rug from Surya with tassels and nature-inspired designs might accomplish that feeling. No matter the style, Surya and Dalyn have a rug that suits it. 

Surya or Dalyn Rugs at Decorum—A Furniture Store in Hampton

Are you ready to take your style to the next level? Discover the many rug options available at Decorum in Norfolk, VA. We carry a variety of rugs chosen to suit your unique style needs. Not sure which rug would work best for your space? Our design stylists can help you find the perfect match that balances your room and evokes your desired style. We even provide rug samples for you to bring home and try out in the space. 

When you need a personalized touch and the highest quality rugs around, you can rely on the stylists at Decorum to help. Visit our three-level showroom in Norfolk and discover the plethora of options available to you. 

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