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Care and Maintenance for Modern Leather Furniture


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May 23, 2022


Modern leather furniture is designed to last decades and maintain its appearance for a long time. However, in order to keep a leather sectional, sofa, or recliner in good condition you need to know how to care for it. Thankfully, Decorum is a furniture store in Virginia Beach that offers the largest selection of leather furniture in Hampton Roads. We know how to keep your furniture looking its best, so we wanted to provide you with a little maintenance guide for your modern leather furniture. 

How to Take Care of Your Modern Leather Furniture

Unlike fabric furniture, modern leather furniture requires a little more care and attention to maintain its appearance; but the payoff is well worth the extra effort. Through regular cleaning and the proper techniques for managing spills/stains, your leather furniture can last for years to come. 

Regular Care and Cleaning

Leather furniture is relatively easy to care for and clean. The occasional vacuum and dusting should keep it looking pristine. One thing to note is that because leather is made from organic materials, it is more susceptible to fading if exposed to direct sunlight. So, if you truly want your leather furniture to last, placing it in a shaded area of your home maybe your best option. Keeping your leather conditioned and supple is the best line of defense.

Spills and Spots

While regular cleaning is pretty simple, ensuring your leather remains stain-free, is not as easy. Full aniline leather does not have a protective barrier on it, meaning that any spills or spots will soak in pretty quickly. In order to get the spill up, it is necessary to wipe up all the excess mess with a dry towel. If absolutely necessary, you can use a towel dampened with distilled water, but don’t apply any heat to the stained area to dry it. Let it air dry. 

With butter, oil, or grease spots it is necessary to blot the area and absorb as much excess as possible. Don’t rub or it will cause the stain to get worse. Don’t apply water as this can worsen the spot, it should come out on its own after time. 


Stubborn stains will occasionally set into your furniture. If this happens, you can attempt to get rid of it by applying a cloth dampened with distilled water to the spot. Blot up the excess water and allow it to air dry. You can do this a few times to try and get the stain out gradually. If its stains still do not come out, you should take it to a cleaner who specializes in leather. 

Proper Cleaning Supplies for Living Room Recliner Chairs

As mentioned earlier, the best line of defense for leather is keeping it conditioned. But when mistakes happen, the best cleaning product is distilled water. Other products such as cleaners, soaps, solvents, oils, varnish, and polishes can damage your leather furniture and leave unattractive stains or discoloration. If there are any stains that are proving difficult to remove, it is best to consult an expert who knows how to remove the stain without damaging the furniture. 

Modern Leather Products at Decorum

With proper care and maintenance, your leather furniture can last for a long time. A high-quality leather brand can even last generations. Decorum carries a large selection of leather furniture options including modern living room chairs, modern sectional sofas, and living room recliner chairs. 

Modern Living Room Chairs

Decorum carries a modern living room chair that is ideal for any room of your home. The Felicita Poltrona makes an excellent addition to any modern living space or office. It’s a statement piece that is just begging to heighten your living room design. And creates a modern blend of comfort and style that brings an artistic flair to any room.

Modern Sectional Sofas

When it comes to modern sectional sofas, you want something that is comfortable and stylish. This can be achieved with any number of Decorum’s leather sectionals, including the American Leather Inspiration Sectional, the Bellini Modern Roxanne Sectional, or the Max Divani Espirit Sofa.


Living Room Recliner Chairs

Finally, living room recliner chairs can be a modern statement piece in your home without taking up too much space. Popular pieces we carry at Decorum include the Stressless Magic Chair and Ottoman, the Fjords Milan Swivel Recliner, and the American Leather Simon Recliner

Decorum—A Furniture Store in Norfolk Carrying Modern Leather Furniture

As the largest leather furniture store in Hampton Roads, Decorum is proud to offer a number of high-quality leather furniture items. Our team works tirelessly to curate a collection of leather furniture that meets your needs and design style. We carry a number of brands that provide customizable options for color, material, sizes, and more. Visit Decorum today, located in Norfolk, VA.

Visit our three-level showroom to see our extensive collection of leather furniture options, or call our store at (757) 623-3100 to see what we have in stock!

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