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Choosing a Modern Living Room Recliner Chair for Your Home


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Apr 20, 2022


Finding the right recliner for your space can be overwhelming. You may have an idea of what you want, or you may be looking for something that suits your lifestyle and design style. That’s why Decorum is here to help. We offer a wide range of modern living room recliner chairs that fit perfectly in your home. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Modern Living Room Recliner

When choosing the appropriate recliner, it is important that you consider four main things—the function, material, size, and type of recliner. These aspects of your recliner can influence where and how you can use your chair. 


Depending on the functionality of your recliner, you can get a manual, power, or rocking recliner. Manual recliners can be adjusted by a lever on the side of the chair, or with the weight of your body. Power recliners are adjusted through buttons that control interior mechanisms which move the recliner in the direction and position you want. Finally, swivel rocking recliners provide you with the ability to gently rock back and forth in addition to reclining.


The cover of your recliner can elevate it to a modern fixture in your home. Options such as leather, offer your recliner a classic, timeless, and modern appearance. Or, if you are looking for a more resistant material Stressless has designed a type of leather known as Paloma that is a great option. Finally, dinamica is a great choice if you are looking for a fabric option.


The size you choose for a recliner should be based on what you feel would be the most comfortable. Some people like a smaller recliner that allows them to better control their reclining abilities. In contrast, other people appreciate being able to sink into a large recliner at the end of the day. Whatever your preference choose a size that fits your comfort.

Base Type

Different recliners provide different bases which can complement the modern appearance of your home. Swivel bases allow you to turn around in your recliner and spin in different directions. Star, cross, and signature bases provide a chic, modern look to your recliner. And power legs (found on power recliners) allow you to tuck away your footrest with ease. 

stressless almond living room recliner

Stressless™ Living Room Recliner Chairs at Decorum

A popular brand of modern living room furniture is Stressless™. They offer a number of modern living room chairs, including a range of recliners. These recliners from Stressless™ come with different functions, materials, sizes, and bases; which means no matter what combination you are searching for, you can find it. 

stressless living room recliner

Decorum carries various recliners from Stressless™ which meet your requirements. If you are looking for a classic power recliner that blends seamlessly into your man cave, check out the Stressless™ Reno recliner and Ottoman. Looking for an office chair that provides support while maintaining your design style, try the Stressless™ Mayfair recliner. Need a chair for your she shed that you can stretch out and read in? Take a look at the Aura recliner

Fjords Recliners at Decorum

Similar to Stressless™ is a brand of living room recliner chairs based out of Norway that focuses on quality and craftsmanship. The Fjords recliners are built to be an ergonomic, comfortable, and modern choice. Built on the foundation of modern design and unparalleled comfort, these recliners feature continuous support for your back and legs, while allowing you to independently adjust the headrest and back position. 

Available with a range of bases, fabrics, and styles, the Fjords recliner is a popular choice for all individuals. The Fjords Venice Swivel Recliner is the perfect choice for a modern living room design, while the Fjords Ulstein Swivel Recliner is an excellent choice for a man cave.

Available in a variety of styles including winged, motion, and more Decorum’s robust inventory of recliners is sure to suit your needs. 

Decorum—The Largest Modern Living Room Furniture Store in Norfolk

Are you looking for a luxury furniture store in Norfolk that offers the largest selection of recliners? Decorum provides its customers with a variety of options that are suitable for a variety of living spaces. We offer customizable options from function, material, sizes, and bases. Visit Decorum today, located in Norfolk, VA.

Visit our three-level showroom to see our extensive collection of motion furniture options, or call our store at (757) 623-3100 to see what we have in stock!

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