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What is Living Room Motion Furniture?


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Mar 10, 2022


When shopping for new living room furniture, you want a combination of comfort and style. Crafting a furniture piece that provides both is possible with living room motion furniture. With a number of brands on the market that design modern motion furniture, you can find what you are searching for at Decorum. In this blog, Decorum discusses the numerous options available for people looking for a modern and comfortable furniture option. 

What is Living Room Furniture

The living room is the place where you and your family spend time together. It is where everyone hangs out, enjoys each other’s company, and makes memories. It is also a place of relaxation and rest. That is why getting comfortable furniture is important, but creating an aesthetic and stylish space is also important. Appreciate the best of both worlds by purchasing living room motion furniture. 

Living room motion furniture is a type of furniture piece that moves on its own. This can include reclining chairs, reclining sofas, and even reclining sectionals. The main component of motion furniture is that it must have a mechanical aspect incorporated into it. 

Can Living Room Motion Furniture be Modern?

When people think of motion furniture they often imagine a recliner that has been a landmark in their home for generations. Motion furniture on the market today is more modern and stylish, and many times more functional. With sleek legs, a variety of fabrics, and a unique design, you can find motion furniture that meets your interior needs. 

Modern Living Room Motion Furniture

There are a number of living room motion furniture options on the market today, but the most notable brands are American Leather, MaxDivani, and Schilling. These brands have made it possible for consumers to enjoy a number of motion furniture features while maintaining their specific style or taste. 

American Leather

American Leather is a leader in innovative designs that work. They create sleek, comfortable, and functional recliners, sofas, and sectionals. Each of their designs is engineered to withstand the test of time. Feel confident purchasing at Decorum with a well-made and modern option from American Leather. 

At Decorum, we carry a number of American Leather products that you can customize to your tastes. This includes:


Manufactured and designed in Italy, MaxDivani brings elements of the contemporary to your living room furniture. Coming in a variety of materials and orientations, you are sure to find a MaxDivani that works for your space. 

At Decorum, we carry a variety of MaxDivani’s lines, including a modern sectional sofa:


The ultimate design for a modern furniture lover is one from Schwillig. This company based out of Germany crafts modern living room furniture that makes a statement in your home. The designs are customizable and offer a geometric intrigue to your living space. 

Decorum sells Schwillig furniture and offers a few options including:

living room motion furniture sofa

The Largest Selection Furniture Store in Virginia Beach

Are you looking for a furniture store in Hampton Roads that offers the largest selection of leather living room motion furniture? Decorum provides its customers with a variety of options that are suitable for a variety of living spaces. We offer customizable options from color, material, and functionality. Visit Decorum today, located in Norfolk, VA.

Visit our three-level showroom to see our extensive collection of motion furniture options, or call our store at (757) 623-3100 to see what we have in stock!

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