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Transform Your Home Office with Modern Office Furniture


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Sep 02, 2022


Individuals tend to be most productive in a space that limits distractions, offers comfort, and provides functional details. Create this space in your home and foster a sense of productivity and professionalism with modern office furniture. Decorum has a wide range of office desks on sale that meet your comfort, function, and style needs. So, get ready to transform your home office with modern office furniture.

Make the Most of Your Space with Modern Office Furniture

Your office space is where you focus, get the job done, and organize your career. Designated office space is essential for ensuring that your work is effectively and promptly completed. Whether you have a studio apartment or a whole room dedicated to an office, make the most of it with modern office furniture. 

With modern office furniture, you can expect organizational features, comfort features, and functional features that increase your productivity. From desks with built-in file space to chairs with comfort options, modern office furniture can make a difference in your work day. 

Find the Perfect Blend of Function and Style

At Decorum, we have a wide variety of office furniture and collections that meet your specific space, design, and functional needs. Apartment dwellers can find a functional office desk on sale that meets their space restrictions while providing them with a unique alternative to a large desk. Similarly, homeowners can discover a stylish home office piece that seamlessly blends into an existing space while also heightening it. With multiple options for material, color, and functionality—you are sure to find an option that meets your needs. 

The Best Brands with Contemporary Furniture for the Office

Not all brands are made equal, and when it comes to contemporary furniture for the office, there are certainly a few standouts. BDI and Unique are two of the best brands for blending style and function in home office spaces.


The team at BDI is driven by thoughtful design choices. Their office furniture features user-friendly choices such as easily adjustable shelves, fingerprint-proof glass, rear access panels, hidden wheels, flow-through ventilation, and meticulously thought-out cord-management systems. Plus, their innovative designs are built to withstand the test of time in both style and durability. Decorum carries numerous collections and standalone pieces from BDI that demonstrate true attention to detail.

One of these choices is the BDI Sequal 20 Standing Desk. With sleek lines, a minimalist design, and sit/stand functionality, this desk is an amazing addition to your home office. Take advantage of the sit/stand functionality with BDI’s Task Chair


Unique is a high-quality furniture brand that crafts modern, modular designs that gracefully bridge classic and contemporary styles. Their office collections are crafted with working individuals in mind, considering mobility, technology, and style to create gorgeous office options. Individuals working with limited space can find an ideal solution in the Unique Sit Stand Mobile Desk, seamlessly integrating functionality with style. 

Craft Your Dream Office with Decorum

Looking to give your office space a refresh? Shop Decorum’s office furniture in Richmond, VA, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and more. We carry an array of office desks and office chairs for sale year-round. Our professional style team can help you find modern office furniture that fits your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic. At Decorum, we go the extra mile to ensure you have the long-lasting, stylish, and functional furniture you need. 

Visit our three-level showroom in Norfolk or call (757) 623-3100 to see what we have available!

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